With working from home as the new normal, we want to feel ready & confident in our own skin, even as we “show up” virtually for the day. Here are some tips and tricks for looking your best during all of your video conferencing calls:


The first step to naturally glowing skin? Proper hydration! So make sure you’re getting enough water every day!

Clearing away dead skin is a great way to keep your skin looking soft, smooth, and glowing. We recommend exfoliating 1-3x per week depending on your skin type to prevent damaging your skin. Make sure you are using a chemical exfoliant with glycolic acid or AHA or BHA formulas to make sure you aren’t scrubbing your face raw.

Sure, we’ve got the best of the best under-eye concealer (we love IT Cosmetic’s “Bye Bye Undereye!”) but nothing beats a good night’s sleep to help you feel energized and minimize dark circles under the eyes.


The right lighting can do wonders for your complexion and give you a glow that looks like you’re well rested and ready for the day! Natural light is always best but if you can’t face a window (with a background you like),
incandescent lighting will give you the soft, warm glow on your face. If you have lighter skin & you want a glow, you could try skipping the highlighter and contour — make the lighting work for you! Also pay attention to the direction of the light— avoid light coming from the sides or from behind that create awkward shadows on your face. If possible, try to have your light source come from in front or slightly above you, or head on (especially if you have a ring light!)

Don’t compete with your background! Choose somewhere to sit that is not too distracting for the eye. A simple, solid wall behind you with a single item of decor (maybe the chair on which you’re sitting, or a house plant) in the frame can give a professional yet relaxed vibe.

Not competing with your background also includes your makeup! Opting for light makeup that highlights your focal points & favorite features
(swipe of eyeliner, soft plum lip, foundation with a light finish) can be just enough to define your features on screen without looking too dark or cakey (or like you’re trying too hard). Light makeup is also a great way to feel like you’re still in a routine during quarantine, where all the days feel like they blend together.


Don’t be tempted to uproot your skincare routine with old
products that maybe you found on the third cleaning spree this week! Try to stick with the routine recommended by your dermatologist or skin care professional.

Even though we may not have to physically *be* anywhere to “show up” for work, sometimes finding comfort in a normal routine can help us feel more “in the zone” and “ready for work”. Get ready and dress like you normally would if you had to head out the door, but don’t be afraid to take some shortcuts. Pairing a nice jacket or blazer over a simple tank top and keeping on your sweatpants is a very easy way to look pulled together for your conference calls.

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Happy video calling!