Wedding planning is no easy task– there are so many details & moving parts involved. Sometimes it can feel like you’re being bombarded with questions from every side, and you have so many questions of your own. Some of our most common questions?
“How far in advance should I book hair and makeup for my wedding?”
“When should I book a trial run for hair and makeup?”

With this post, we invite you to take a deep breath and consider these tips!

It all really depends on how ready you are to begin planning. Have a wedding planner? Great! Planning for your self? Awesome! Having a family member or friend assist? Also great!

The next step would be to decide how soon you would like to get married. Will it be a low-key town-hall type wedding? Destination wedding with lots of travel? Elopement? Also important to note is the peak wedding season, which is typically during the months of May and October (this is when our artists are almost booked to full capacity, so the sooner you are able to have your trial run and confirm your services, the better!).

Once you’ve decided the general scope of your wedding, you want to try and narrow down the look you are going for. MG Hair and Makeup’s team has always believed in bringing the natural beauty out in our brides, and our artists aim to create a look that makes you look like the best version of yourself. Not quite sure what look you’d like? We invite you to browse our Instagram & Pinterest pages for inspiration!

It is up to you when you decide to schedule your trial run. We generally suggest sooner rather than later, anywhere from 6 months to a year before your wedding date, so you have one less thing to worry about. It also helps to try out the hair and makeup and then be able to plan accordingly and schedule any haircuts/coloring appointments, facial treatments, etc. well in advance leading up to your wedding so your hair and skin is just right for your desired beauty look.

It is also good to schedule in advance because if you are not happy after the trial run and would like to try a different artist, you are welcome to do so at no additional cost. The later you wait, the fewer artists would be left for your date.

That said, if you are waiting for a headpiece or veil to come in or need your hair to be a certain length for the trial run, by all means wait for that to do your trial run.

It doesn’t matter to us when the trial run is done — we help schedule trial runs to help you, so that you can beautify, simplify, and de-stress on your own schedule, while trying different hair/makeup looks to make sure you are comfortable on your big day.

Getting married last-minute and still looking for quality hair and makeup services? That’s okay! Take a deep breath. Though it ultimately depends on monthly availability, generally we can can accommodate trial runs that are 30 days out from a wedding date. We have done many weddings on short notice, and our aim remains the same– to help you beautify, simplify, and de-stress amidst all the whirlwind, delightful chaotic, atmosphere that wedding planning brings.

Newly engaged and excited to dive right in to learn about your bridal beauty options? It’s a great idea to start looking around now, even if it’s a while before you actually say your vows. Our artist availability changes daily, sometimes hourly, especially during peak wedding season, so booking early has its advantages, (we start scheduling up to 25 months in advance) and there are plenty of other couples out there who have their eyes on certain dates for their wedding. You can get started booking your trial run here.

We match you with your artist based on your trial and wedding dates. Testimonials and photos featuring our artists are located in our profiles on The Knot, Wedding Wire, and on our Instagram account. Although we don’t maintain individual portfolios of our artists’ work, we do offer a wide range of bridal looks featuring the skills that each of our artists is trained to execute on our website & social media accounts.

When you think about it, there isn’t really such thing as booking a trial run and/or your day-of services “too early”—unless you foresee yourself having frequent changes of plans & heart down the road! That’s not to say that changes of heart are bad or unexpected (this is a very emotional, exciting and dynamic time, after all!) but it’s best to have more time as a buffer rather than not.

This is especially important to keep in mind when you are choosing the look for your big day. One month you could be deciding between a boho braided updo, and then a few months later, decide that long, gentle waves and a half-up hairstyle is a better compliment to your wedding dress! With that said, you might as well lock in your day-of services with an artist that you’ve had a trial run with, and a look you feel comfortable, confident, and great about, and therefore checking yet another thing off of your foot-long planning to-do list!

Still caught up in the engagement bliss and don’t even know where to start? That’s perfectly fine, too. Take your time. Breathe easy and if you have time to spare, scroll a bit through our Instagram and Pinterest pages to get some ideas & inspiration for your wedding look.

Wherever you are in the process– either ready to book a trial or just gathering information, congratulations & happy planning!