Need to know which tools are good enough to DIY your own beauty (and haircuts) at home while not breaking the bank?


Fear not! We gathered our favorite beauty tools for your DIY beauty appointments while in quarantine. Not to mention, even when restrictions are lifted, you probably won’t be able to get an appointment as salons will need to cut the number of staff working, stations available, and appointments (possibly service types) to ensure maximum safety for clients and beauty professionals. Plus, remember that you weren’t the only person to get your hair cut or colored at that salon. Everyone will be trying to get appointments at the same time and it will be a bit crazy like that for a while.

So what are you to do besides either looking like Teen Wolf or shaving your head completely?


Well, first, having the right tools is important to do the deed. After that (next time), we will talk about products. And somewhere in between or afterwards, be sure to schedule a virtual beauty lesson if you would like more specific play-by-play guidance for how to DIY your hair or skin to make sure you look your best as well as don’t screw up anything so bad your hairstylist would disown you.


You definitely only want to take care of VERY out of place hairs (say the chin or far outside of your normal eyebrows). Given that most people will not be seeing you up close and personal anytime soon, don’t try to get every little hair. Just go for the ones that are longer and darker. Short, quick tugs will do the trick for those ones.

Tweezerman Mini Oval Slant and Point Combo Tweezers $18


Tweezer Guru Slant Tweezers $9.97


Again, not to go crazy, but when you need a little cleanup for the skin around your nails (yep, they are probably in need of attention), a cuticle trimmer and pusher are good to maintain your fingers and nails. The best time to do this is right after the shower when the skin is soft. Use the pusher (gently) to push back the skin on the nail, then use the trimmer to snip away any white/dead skin. DON’T go crazy with this because you can easily take too much skin off.

Cuticle Trimmer and Pusher $18.99

For those who have shorter hair (your stylist uses a buzzer/clipper to trim the back, sides or possibly the top), investing in a hair clippers is probably something you want to do if you haven’t already. Many clippers are backordered (given the pandemic) but this one is still available and has great reviews (not to mention it is cordless – VERY helpful). Always start trimming using the longest comb attachment if you are not sure how short you want to go. Then turn it on and “comb” your hair up from the nape of your neck to the back of your head. Depending on your style, you may bring the clippers up further or you may not. If the hair is still too long, go back over it with a shorter comb attachment until you get the right length.


Hatteker 3-In-1 Men’s Grooming Kit Waterproof $55.99


For longer locks, getting the right combs, brushes and clips will help make your hair cutting or coloring much easier. Depending on the length of your hair and the style, there are a variety of combs and clips (to section your hair so you can focus on one part at a time) in the package below.

Hair Styling Clips Comb Set $16.99


The brush is a favorite of ours because it is sturdy, works on wet or dry hair and detangles without pulling or breaking your hair.



Crave Natural Detangling Brush $12.77


These are great scissors for trimming bangs, eyebrows, or the full length of your hair. I would suggest skipping the “hair cutting” scissors and instead use a small one like this. The blades are smaller (if there are any mistakes, they will also be smaller) and you can trim small sections easier. When you DIY haircut at home, small sections are key to making it look “normal” when it’s done.


HITOPTY Small Precision Scissors, 3.5inch Stainless Steel $12.99


And in case you need a little something special (no haircutting required) to help your hair look “done” during your time in quarantine (i.e. Zoom calls, grocery store runs, socially distant outside park lounging), here are some of our favs:


4 Pack Velvet Pearl Headbands $15.95


18 Pieces Boho Headbands with Elastic $26.99


8 Pieces Wide Knot Turban Headbands $13.99


Let us know if you have any questions or need other tool recommendations. Stay tuned for our post about our favorite products while at home in quarantine.

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