There is so much excitement on the big day… from first looks, to ceremonies, to receptions & after-parties, everywhere you turn there are precious moments of friendship, love, and laughter!

You’ve hired a photographer to capture some of these moments, and you just know friends and family will have their cameras and phones at the ready, capturing moments and memories that they will post on social media later, accompanied by a cute caption or, the ever-growing-in-popularity, the wedding hashtag.

As more and more people are posting major life milestones on social media, wedding hashtags are becoming a trend and a really fun addition to wedding posts! At their origin, hashtags are easy ways to draw attention to, to organize, and to promote something.

They can be generic (such as a celebratory “#shesaidyes, #bridetobe, #hitched, #justmarried, or “#happyeverafter”), or “themed” to fit the couple’s vibe or wedding style (#destinationwedding, #oldfashionedcountrywedding, #NYCwedding #elopement), or they can be funny & quirky to highlight the day and lighthearted personalities of the couple (perhaps two cat-lovers unite–#GettingMeowied– or the venue is a brewery–#BeerlyBeloved– or there’s just so much celebrate–”#TilDeathDoUsParty”!)

Besides having a fun, lighthearted caption for your social media, it is a great opportunity to help round up all of the photos that family, friends, and photographers may have put on social media! By searching #yourhashtag, you can easily see and browse all the posts that have your hashtag included!


Keep it simple, timeless, and classic
Your big day is a date you want to remember forever! Add a hashtag that has your names and the date to commemorate your special day! Adding uppercase letters to the start of every word is a way to keep the hashtag tidy, readable, and easily searchable. Try something like these:
#TonyandTammi2020 #DanaandDaltonFinally2017


Play with last names
Using the last names of the couple within a pun or other wordplay is a very common and fun practice when it comes to wedding hashtags! Bringing two names together in a way that is unique is not only a great way personalize your hashtag, but can be easy to remember for your guests when they get to tagging.

Use a pun or other wordplay
What’s one person’s “cheesy” is another person’s “adorable!” Add some lightheartedness and personality to your posts with a mild (and perhaps groan inducing) pun! (One of our most recent faves? #ilikethewayyouBurkeit!)

This wedding trend is one of our favorites. We love when our couples let us in on the hashtag for their special day, so that when we post our favorite moments, we can join in the fun! Part of our trademark beautify, simplify, & de-stress process includes taking time to slow down and enjoy the moment, and the wedding hashtag is such a great way to feel connected with your guests, and have fun with the beautiful whirlwind that is the big day! If you’re looking to beautify, simplify, and de-stress on *your* big day, we invite you to check out our services page.

Happy #hashtagging!